The story of AYMA CLOTHING begins in winter 2019. Fabienne, the owner & founder of AYMA CLOTHING realized a personal pain while wearing common stockings. Common stockings do not last long, smell bad in the feet area and are not comfortable while wearing sneakers, boots or closed shoes in general. The mission was clear: creating a stocking where socks are integrated directly! That is the 2 in 1 feature created by AYMA CLOTHING. This extraordinary and unique comfort feature is AYMA’s trademark.

We believe the world does not only need more inventive products but as well environmentally conscious products to lead the way. So, we said: If we start this project – we go all the way! By all the way we mean that in everything we do, we do not harm our environment and always consider the most ecological solution for the value chain from raw materials until the finished product.

After more than one year of development, we can proudly launch our high quality stockings from regenerated yarn gathered from waste materials.

AYMA CLOTHING presents itself as the one and only company worldwide of 2 in 1 stockings. We have committed ourselves to transforming the best possible material into stockings without harming the environment. A new generation of stockings has been created by our innovation.

«You are only successful when you are truly passionate
about what you are doing.»
Fabienne – owner & founder AYMA CLOTHING