AYMA Crowdfunding Project


After AYMA 2021 launched the world’s first tights with an integrated sock part, they plan to expand its collection this autumn.

This is AYMA

AYMA produces the first and only tights with an integrated sock part. The product was born out of a personal need. Fabienne, founder & CEO of AYMA, as a tights wearer, found the traditional tights uncomfortable, especially in closed shoes, as they break quickly and cause unpleasant odors. Wearing socks over or under the tights didn’t help either. So when she couldn’t find a pair of tights with an integrated sock part, the journey started with AYMA.

During initial research and development, she quickly learned that conventional tights are produced using a petroleum-based manufacturing process. The goal was clear: to either find a sustainable alternative or drop the project. She luckily then found a recycled fiber to produce the tights. After nearly 2 years of development, she was able to go live in 2021 with the world’s first and only 2 in 1 tights. Meanwhile, AYMA has seven different styles in the collection and launched, among others, the first ladder-resistant tights made of recycled yarn.

Sustainability & comfort

AYMA stands for sustainability and comfort. All tights are designed in Switzerland by Fabienne and made in Italy from recycled yarn. They have an odor control, which means they prevent unpleasant odors, especially in the foot area, and depending on the style, have an integrated sock part.

The highest quality yarn is made from off-cuts that would otherwise end up in the trash. The tights are manufactured using energy from renewable resources, environmentally friendly dyes are used, the water is treated after dyeing before it flows back into the environment, and AYMA relies exclusively on recycled packaging.

AYMA needs your support

AYMA tights are quality products and stand for unique product features, sustainability and a lot of passion.

Due to rising prices and an increased minimum production volume in the textile industry, AYMA relies on your support to realize the new collection, planned for autumn 2023. With the contributions, AYMA covers development and production costs as well as initial marketing and sales expenses. The timing to support AYMA is perfect now, as the peak season is soon to come.

Say goodbye to conventional tights and get a pair of the new collection* now. Click here to go to the AYMA Crowdfunding Project.

Fabienne from AYMA

*Deliveries of the new tights will take place at the end of September 2023, while the leggings will be shipped in October 2023 if the project is successful.